Why don´t I have a daddy? A story of donor conception

George Anne Clay (Escritor/a)

Lisa Krebs (Ilustrador/a)

Editorial: AuthorHouse (2008)

Categoría Familias Diversas
ISBNs: 9781425995874 (Inglés)
Número de páginas: 36
Encuadernación: Rústica (Tapa blanda)
Edad recomendada: 6-9 años
I bought this for a dear friend who had a baby by donor conception. This is a clunky book, but I think the very fact that you have a book that describes helpful lions who gave you their sperm is a good, normalizing thing. It's such a complex topic, but I wanted her to be able to introduce it to her child before the child was old enough to understand it fully, so by the time he does understand it, he will have known it all along. This is not a perfect book, but it's a start. The drawings are charming, the text is overwritten, but there is so little out there (there are many, many more adoption books for children, but hardly any donor conception books) that it will do. If anyone reading this review knows of other books that deal with this very specific issue, I'd be delighted to hear about them!